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Longest Darkness in the State!

Plan your visit for the 2024 solar eclipse to Vincennes / Knox County, Indiana to experience total darkness for 4 minutes and 5 seconds. Visit the Knox CountyVisitors & Tourism Bureau and Chamber of Commerce for local maps, historic attractions, travel guides, eateries, shopping, and more! Are you a host? Find resources to make this event a great one!

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Book your stay at some the area's best hotels or opt for a cozy bed-and-breakfast.


Our line-up of exciting events make it easy to know where to go and when.


Get ready for total darkness at 3:02 PM EST at our best locations.

Purchase eclipse glasses at the VTBChamber of Commerce!

Find Your Place During Space Week
April 6-13

Find out all the the NASA space program has to explore as we deep dive into the industry. There is a place for everyone in our exploration of space.
Find out more here.

Ultimate Eclipse Guide

Looking for the ultimate guild to the April 8th eclipse? Check out Sky & Telescope’s The 2024 Great Eclipse Guide only $11.99! This 64-page special issue includes everything you need to prepare for awesome event including an eclipse day checklist, infographic on what to expect during the eclipse, and how to look for stars and planets during totality. Plus, it includes 2 pairs of ISO certified solar eclipse glasses!

Art of the Eclipse

Multimedia artist Henry Dean is bringing the eclipse to life through sculptures located in the path of the 2024 eclipse. You can find 3 of Henry's sculptures in Fox Ridge Nature Park located in Vincennes, Indiana.

Read more about his project on Fox 59 and The Country.

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